Has recent update 4.4.2 broken paper2d input?

My character renders correctly but does not respond to user input.

Engine input bindings in place (MoveRight with A and D as -1 and 1 on Axis).

Paper2D.PaperCharacter with Disable Input unchecked and basic event graph in place. (MoveRight → Add Movement Input)

Anything else I can check?

I am following following tutorial: https://www…com/watch?v=5ESyqSxsuYg&index=2&list=PLHadbgEqCTxBiXOQVH6oR7Xbcvv1uwUZy

Hey Sugarat,

Input bindings are working fine in 4.4.2. To test this, create a new Blueprint 2D Side Scroller project from templates available. Moving left and right should work fine. Please let me know if it does not work properly in new template project.

first thing you should check is whether your InputAxis nodes are firing. In your character Blueprint, open Event Graph and find InputAxis nodes. Then hit Play, and switch Debug Filter in Toolbar to MyCharacter_C (or whatever your character BP is called). Is there an orange line coming from nodes?

Hey Sugarat,

We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I am marking this as resolved for tracking purposes. Please answer questions asked above if you continue to see this issue and we will continue investigating. Thanks!

Thank you ,

bindings started working for me again after 4.4.3. Not sure if it was patch or my inexperience with software.

Kind Regards