Has anyone tried FlyingMovementComponent from the NetPrediction plugin?

I’ve been looking at the FlyingMovementComponent in the NetPrediction plugin but find it always asserts :frowning:

In UBaseMovementComponent::InitializeComponent(), it calls UFlyingMovementComponent::InitializeComponent(): InstantiateNetworkedSimulation() which in turn calls down to UFlyingMovementComponent::InitFlyingMovementSimulation() and hits check(UpdatedComponent);

UpdatedComponent is nullptr.

That pointer is set in UBaseMovementComponent::InitializeComponent() immediately after the call to UFlyingMovementComponent::InitializeComponent() :mad:

There is a sample of it’s usage in the ANetworkPredictionExtrasFlyingPawn class, in the NetworkPredictionExtras plugin, which also suffers an identical assert :frowning:

The plugins are beta, so maybe not, but has anyone else checked this out in the past and had any joy?

I wanted to check it out and see how good the prediction is…

Worked okay for me last time I tried it, that was in 4.24.

AFAIK It’s not even in alpha/experimental yet though, let alone beta. Shouldn’t be hard to fix that though.

Yea, that plugin is more a template for future movement code that Epic plans to do. Eventually the Character Movement Component will be less… insane… and more structured using those plugins.As Jamsh said, it’s not really meant for production code or anything.

Thanks for the responses… maybe I’ll leave it for a bit :slight_smile: