Has anyone tested 4.12 with Gear VR ?

Has anyone tested 4.12 with Gear VR ?

How is performance compare to 4.11.2 on S6/S7 ?

Is everything that was working in 4.11.2 still working in 4.12 ?


So, probably better wait for 4.13 then?

I tested out my project in 4.12 and had a few problems - one component I had needed previously was no longer needed and with it in there the app crashed on loading. Once I figured out to remove it things seem to be running ok. Performance wise have not noticed much difference from 4.11 for gearvr - seems most of the mobile performance improvements are related to Vulkan and Daydream.

Interestingly I was testing the Mobile HDR setting which works in 4.12 for gearvr however performance was not good - running at only 30FPS with bloom on. However when I tested for Daydream exporting with the same Mobile HDR settings I got the max 60FPS! It really seems like the Oculus mobile framework is costing performance! It looks really great on daydream with everything turned on (of course it’s just running in cardboard mode since I don’t have a daydream device so of course tracking is terrible until then) - but if this is really true then Daydream content is going to be looking much better than GearVR content with UE4 …
(currently I haven’t been able to test my game fully on daydream export as I’m experiencing this crash: [Daydream] - 4.12 crashing project: Assertion failed when manipulating 3D Widgets - XR Development - Unreal Engine Forums )

Anyway it certainly does not hurt to try your project in 4.12 (make sure to choose “make a copy” when importing :wink: )

Aye, thanks for confirming.

It certainly odd that Gear VR is running badly with bloom on :confused:

Btw, please reply to Oculus’ question regarding this issue: [Gear VR] UE 4.12 with HDR on running slow on Gear... - Meta Community Forums - 382974

Hopefully they will fix it.