Has Anyone taken the Introduction to Unreal Engine

Has anyone taken the onsite UE introduction course? I’m curious how in depth they go as well as if you’re required to bring your own laptop with UE installed? Unfortunately the event page is a little sparse regarding that info and I couldn’t find any additional details in the forums or AnswerHub.

The prerequisites state “Before attending this class you should have installed UE and explored the UI.” but doesn’t clarify if that means we need to bring in our own laptop/pc. I assume you don’t need to bring your own but want to make sure before spending $500.

Referring to the following training:…ts-72991508567


I contacted the event coordinator and will post any updates here as well.

Here is the response I received.

“Sorry about that, as I can see why it would seem confusing. Actually, no all it meant was to be a little familiar with Engine. We have a fully equipped lab with desktops and monitors, all you need is yourself and an appetite as we also provide breakfast and lunch.”