Has anyone managed to use Helix Cloud?

When I try to sign up for it it sends me to the sign in page. I was thinking of dumping the perforce server onto google cloud, but I think it would be better if I use helix’s own cloud service. I just can’t see to sign up. Maybe I’m blind or something.

If you’ve used this for your source control, please tell me how to sign up.

Here’s the link I tried:

To get to the sign up screen, enter anything and when the site returns the invalid acc page, there’s a “Not a member yet? Sign up”. Clicking that sends me back to the sign in page. I tried this from multiple computers and I even tried contacting helix support for this. If this is invite only, I’d appreciate if someone with access invites me :slight_smile:

I’ve got a helix account, it wasn’t an invite thing for me.

I think they’ve just stopped offering new sign ups for the short term (it is a beta test).

Oh, pity. Any idea when they’ll open up again? And since you’re using it, which one do you think is better, their service or running the server on a vm?

If you’re already using perforce via the web, it might be a reasonable option. Much, much better to have your server in house though - slow perforce operation can really affect your working speed.

If I was solo I’d have no problem, but my connection speed is far too slow for pull requests from my colleagues. Besides, that’s what the workspace is for, local changes. All I gotta do is dump everything once I’m done, and coordinate what I’m working on with others so that I don’t end up diffing.