Has anyone had their Megagrant application put on hold?

I submitted an application at the start of April last year, and as promised I got a response 90 days later. It wasn’t a yes or no, just a request for more time.

I guessed this was the result of a backlog, but it seems to be getting on a bit now. It’s almost 10 months since submitting, do you think should I still be expecting a response?

I actually just came on here to write something similar, and did a quick search and found your post.

I submitted on 23rd July (almost 200 days ago) and I also received a message roughly 90 days after my submission saying they needed more time. I don’t mind the wait so much, as long as I do get some sort of response eventually, which they have promised to do this time. I applied for a Dev Grant back in the day, and just never heard back.

Funny thing is, my main deck PDF I sent as a trackable bitly link, so that I would be able to see if/when it was downloaded. It was looked at twice the week I submitted, then twice in November, and then three times in December. So it’s definitely being looked at, just no response yet.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they have an insane backlog. I mean, who isn’t going to apply to a $100 million fund? What have you got to lose? I guess we just have to wait, and live in hope.

Good luck with your project, hope you get your grant!


Ah great, not just me then.

“Hold on to your papers!” this is the message we got from EPIC MegaGrants Team.

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