Has anyone encoutered weird distribution issues with SteamPipe?

This problem. (You have to be logged in steam partner)

Long story short, the first build I uploaded worked fine. Everything after that did not run on steam but if you manually ran the binary game works no problem. Only one thing changed; while I was uploading the second+ builds , there was a power outage. I rerun the build scripts again and procceeded to set the new build live on the test branch - it did not work. Is there any way to fix that or a way to upload a “clean” build on steam?(upload whole size, not only stuff based on file history)

And a video:

I tried deleting the .csd and .csm files from the buildoutput path specified in your appbuild VDF for Steam to reupload from scratch, but it did not work.(No clean upload)

Steam is really getting on my nerves the past week with that and the steam SDK being disabled on packaging.