Has anyone attempted to replace the UE net code with a third party network API?

Hello. To clarify a bit, I was wondering if anyone has attempted to replace the network connection code of Unreal Engine while keeping its actor replication, voice com and RPC features as is? The reason why I’m wondering this is because I’m particularly fond of RakNet and some of its features. I assume that it’s a fairly sizeable task but I’m willing to take up on the challenge and share my results later. So what I’m wondering if someone has tried doing something similar or is interested in it, and if there are any specific pitfalls that I should watch out for? Thanks for any input.

An alpha version is coming out from these folks:


That certainly sounds interesting but I can’t read anything about it working with UE out of the box. Maybe it’s in the works or do you suggest that I should use the C++ API? :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, thank you for showing me something interesting. I’ll take a look at it.

Yes, and you can utilize your fingers and a powerful tool to get started today! For the low, low price of freeeeee:

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Yeah, you are an ass… <grins>