Hardware for UE4

Hi guys, I just wanted to ask you one important question. I would like to start building my fullproof projects on Unreal engine 4 but i decided to use laptop instead of desktop pc so for this purpose i looked up this piece of hardware - Dell Inspiron 15 7559. So what do you think is it enough for real projects?

hard to say without more info, what are the exact specs of the one you’re looking at?

It looks like they have 4K screens which wont be very helpful.

The 960 on desctop is having a hard time with UE4 on 1080, ultra HD will not help things with a laptop grade GPU.

Guess you’d have to run in a lower, non-native resolution to take some of the strain off the GPU.
I strongly recommend building a custom desktop PC for this usage. i7 CPU is the best choice for bigger cache, and it also has hyper threading. Not sure how much HT helps with Lighting builds, but it certainly boosts code compilation times.

Isn’t that the one with the weird keypad?, anyway UE4 doesn’t use SLI so it would be a waste.

Good to know as i was thinking of hooking up my GTX970 with it’s buddy.

Ok basically the laptop is core i7 with 16gigs of ram and gtx960 gpu with 4gigs of memory what r u saying is 4k display can make some problems even if i run it on for example 1080p resolution?? And how about hardware taken separately by parts is core i7 ok? Or is gtx960m enough i don’t expect ultra setting on testin but at least high… And from what i know 16gb of ram it’s more than enough i believe… Thx for help guys appreciate a lot…

Laughing so hard on these americans.
Laptop for $7000 - will handle it for sure. But you better buy a PC for $2000 that will handle it even more better.

Ok then sounds reasonable i will go for desktop then i will write again when i have ideas what parts i am gonna use tnx

Running in 4k resolution will be too demanding, that leaves you with running a lower, non-native resolution. Meaning the 4k screen is not only a waste, but in a non-native resolution, image quality will suffer compared to if say, 1080p was your native res. I would love to run Windows and the Editor on a 4k screen, just for the screen real estate, but then I’d use a desktop PC with a more powerful GPU. Right now I’m using a 25" 1440p sceen.

Seriously, build a desktop PC. Initially you’ll get more for your money, in the long run it’ll be upgradeable. i7, GTX 970 (980 or 980 TI if you can afford it), 16GB RAM is a good start, but 32/64 GB is better, it comes in handy for a lot of things like World Machine, running Maya simulations, baking maps, etc.

If you are on a strict desktop budget, the i7, GTX 960, 16GB RAM should allow you to get started with UE fine. You can always upgrade, but you don’t have much room for upgrading if you go for a laptop. I understand the luxuries of being able to work from wherever, not just your home, with a laptop. Ideally you would want both a powerful desktop PC and a laptop to be able to also work on the go.

My setup is, at home: 1 main desktop PC, a second desktop PC that helps with light building and other stuff that can be networked. I also have 2 laptops that help with this.
When I’m on the go, or at work (day job), I use a laptop, but it does not have a powerful GPU, so I spend most my time in Visual Studio.

Alright then, listening to your advices i tried to build something from scratch just on paper, it could look something like this (I am in Great Britain so it’s in pounds)
Motherboard: ASUS X99-A / USB 3.1 220,-
CPU: i7 5820k 323,-
RAM: Corsair 16 DDR4 2400mhz CL14 60,- ( this is complete blind shot really don’t know which is better for this build)
Power supply: Corsair AX860i 170,-
SSD: Samsung 850 500gb 120,-
GPU: ASUS GTX970 4Gb GDDR5 300,-
100,- is case makes total 1300,- pounds.
Tell me what u think i am open to any suggestions or changes. Thanks.

Probably similar performance for gaming, but 2011 will outperform when it comes to things like Light builds, baking texture maps, encoding, etc. 2011 system will probably cost more to build.

I think the PSU (AX860i) is too expensive. About double the amount of what you need to spend to get a decent one. Hell, in one of my desktop PCs I run GTX 970 on Corsair CX 600W.
You probably also need some more storage capacity, just a regular platter disk in addition to the SSD.

Ok I looked for some 1151 socket cpus and also some benchmarks and it look overall performance of these cpus is slightly lower that got me thinking some of the performance cpus in that category was only as fast as AMD FX-9590 which is lot cheaper and also motherboard for it is lot cheaper, so my question is can i use 9590 for my build or will that be fast enough?