Happy Easter 2014!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Please share some of the holiday cheer today to those who celebrate it. :slight_smile: Upload pics, share stories, what did you all make for dinner, whatever.

Ill post some of my holiday news later today.


Happy Easter to you too :wink:

dinner: Schnitzel with a potato salad
activities: I went mountainbiking :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Easter :wink:

Dinner: Pizza
Activities: Turn on TV

Happy Easter!

Dinner: To be determined (it’s only noon where I live) - suggestions?
Activities: Shopping (possibly for dinner!), egg hunt with my littlest one, game dev, and movie time on the side

I think the neighbors are out rabbit hunting. :eek:

Dinner: Ham, mashed potatoes, homemade noodles, sweet potatoes, green bean salad, cheese cake, pineapple upside down cake, and some buns. More stuff just too much to list.
Activities: Egg hunt with kids, pictures, watching ball game, soon a nap. :slight_smile:

Now I get hungry :frowning:

I ate too much and now feel sick lol!