Handling Pawn Receiving Collisions

Working to expand on the tutorial for pawns (a sphere in this case) and collisions from The tutorial goes over how to handle when your pawn hits something. It doesn’t really go into when something hits your pawn. It starts bouncing if you put it on a lift for example. I was able to figure out how to deal with that scenario by checking for collisions and then applying the velocity of the component that hit to my pawn. That seemed to work really well. However this solution cannot handle being hit by a rotating object… like a lifting drawbridge… my pawn seems to get stuck to it. This is of course because a rotating object does not have velocity. Overriding ReceiveHit I can get Location and Normal… But I don’t see a way to get how much force it hit with. So, what’s the best way to go about handling pawns receiving hits?