Handling animations with State machines / Montage

Hi everyone,

I’ve followed the “Third person blueprint” tutorial entirely for the second time but i didn’t get one thing…
When should i manage the animations using state machines instead of animation montages and viceversa?

For example,in the tutorial,the “run->jump” cycle is handled by switching states inside a state machine,and then the punching
is handled on animation montage.
But the same run->jump thing could have been accomplished by using an animation montage and looping through section of it.

So,what are the benefits of one method over another?

Thanks in advance.

I personally use montages when I want to do special stuff like, stopping the anim, getting a variable when the montage has finished, root motion,… (right click into the event graph → search for montage) I’m doing everything else in the state machines → running, jumping, idle, walking,… :slight_smile:

What would you suggest doing for a “sword slash” animation? (charge hit -> slash -> return to position)
Do you think it would be a thing suited for a montage?

Thanks again.

Use a montage for it :slight_smile:

Will do,thanks! :smiley:

I think the basic divider is use montages when you want to control animations from code/bp such as a punch etc. and if you want to do root motion.

Thanks,i’m starting to realize how true it is,creating transitions in the state machine for every little change just makes things less manageable.