half of menu no matter what in a built app

For some reason my menu shows up in a built app so that only half the menu screen is at the right edge.

It shows up correctly if I preview it. It was working fine in the past.

The full situation is that I got the menu working and was using it for a while. But then I set up the project to load just the level I wanted to test. Now I need the menu again and so set the maps and modes to load the menu level first.

So it’s been a while since I did anything with the menu. I’ve tried scaling different elements of the menu and even tried scaling the user interface down in the project settings. But no matter what I do, the menu is pushed over to the right side of the screen so that the middle of the menu is at the right edge. But just in the built app. In the editor it shows up as I would expect with my various changes.

Anyone have any thoughts on what is going on?