Hairworks Settings Guide

Hey all,

Does anyone know of a good all around settings guide for Hairworks in UE4?

I’m using MAYA + Shave and a Haircut to get Hairworks into UE4. It works and looks great but some of the details options I’m a bit fuzzy about. One thing that bums me out is that the large I scale my model with hair the thinner the hair gets and I’m limited in-engine with hairworks to a strand width of 10. Does anyone know of a way to scale higher than the limits or another way to overcome this scaling limitation.

Example. Model with hair at scale 1 looks super dense and great. The same model scaled up to 100 the hair is super thin and meh. I have to crank the density and strand width up to compensate which is understandable but I’m limited to a max of 10 strand width.


Same problem (( Hair Density not workind in UE4. But: If i add basic hair in 3DS max (not any operations. All made as in basic tutorial: - in this green asset - all work: density and all of them… But if i made some changes in max (red asset) - density NOT working ((07a56845157366009049f3eae941f972cc6d071b.jpeg Can’t understand… maybee anybody knows???

Hey R&R and BrassIgla,

Did you manage to figure anything out with this?

I’m having a similar problem with the strand width scale… my model needs to be scaled up quite a bit to get the strand width slider to take effect. Not only is this a problem for a whole host of other reasons, but it also means the other hair settings look crappy. It’s annoying because it all works fine in the Hairworks viewer and looks great!

Seem to have the same problem when loading in the Mangeledon asset they provided.

Using the 4.12.4 build btw.

Ahhhh, ignore the above. It was the LOD settings (towards the bottom of the details panel)!!