Hairworks - Control Texture Channels


Just wanted to see if anyone can answer a quick question on setting up maps for Hairworks in UE4…

The Hairworks Viewer has a very handy section that lets you assign a specific colour channel of a control map to a certain attribute of the hair system. So for efficiency I have created a bunch of maps and assigned each one to a R,G or B channel of a few texture files, thus reducing the amount of maps I have to load in. It all works great in the Hairworks Viewer and is a great addition, only problem is that I can’t figure how to recreate it in UE4. The section to assign specific channels is not in the details panel for the Hairworks asset. Would I have to go digging around in the code? Or does anyone have an better idea?


You will have to go digging through the code unfortunately. I believe it is on NVIDIAs TODO list, just hasn’t been exposed to the asset yet.