Hairstyle material help


I’m completely new here so if I post in the wrong section or do anything false please forgive me. I have a question about connecting textures to a new material and I’m completely lost, youtube videos confused me…

So, I got from an artist a really beautiful hairstyle which was done in Blender (picture upper left). When I import it in unreal 4.25 it looks really not that good… (picture upper right)
On the lower part you can see the textures I got from the artist.

On the second file you can see how I attempted to connect the textures (diffuse RGB to base color, ambient occlusion Red to ambient occlusion, and normal RGB to normal) but I have NO clue what to do with Alpha, Height and Specular. The artist also doesn’t know cause she doesn’T have any experience in Unreal engine.

Can you please help me? How can I make the hairstyle look in unreal as good as in blender? :confused:

thank you