Hair Shader: Hoping for a new update a few questions to Epic. ( I know its been posted before).


Fortunately I have found the sample hair scene for the hair shader useful in figuring out how it somewhat works under the hood. I have been getting some good results with it so far and have managed to tweak it.

My problem is shared by many here and it concerns the single biggest issue i have with it right now, and it’s a nasty one, and that would be the very strange back lighting issue that keeps popping up every time a lightsource is behind the hair. This is even more evident on hair types such as thick/thin braids etc.

1 - The Backlit parameter itself seems to do nothing no matter what you do with it, this itself may be a bug? can you please confirm if this is an issue with it?

2 - This strange backlighting seems to be affected by the roughness parameter only: 0 roughness no backlight and 1 is fully backlit. Other than the fact that it is very strange to have the roughness affecting this feature It is also stranger that there is no option to control its intensity except with the specular itself which seems all very wrong to me.

So can you guys please explain a little on what is going on with this Shader? I heard you will be releasing a new content soon, will this solve these issues or is it just for a clearer demonstration, if so when do you guys think it can be available?

3 - One last thing, the dithering on the hair edges is controlled by an animated noise parameters that helps to “blur” those edges somewhat, but this seems to cause shadow artifacts on the surface the hair is casting shadow onto “shadow flickers” I will give this another test soon, just wanted to know if anyone else had this issue. The artifact seems to go away if the animated dither is turned off but this also kills the softness which doesn’t help, the only other option is to create proxy hairs and have them cast proper shadows while hidden in game and remove shadow casting from the actual hair, a bit of a workaround especially on characters. I don’t remember seeing such an artifact in your paragon showcase, can you please let us know if this is an issue as well or perhaps i need to look into it further and i may be missing something?

It’ll be great to elaborate some info for this shader as many here are also asking about it.

Many thanks.