Hair display problems in ue4

Hello everyone ,

I’m creating the role of hair, but how to solve hair problems UE4,
MASKED jagged sense Obviously,
Under Translucent pattern hair gone through?
ue4 which looks very thin, in maya which everything is normal
can provide a blueprint?
Please help mee598c92a54e1fb47e49ae8777b206972fab31a0c.jpega8b4fc9bb3cceeb451d19dcf50a99c8c46de5327.pngdf6f462f9793e4f8f64899f01cd4f1cfb0e6e2d0.jpeg thank you.

try using the new hair shading model you can find a example in the content examples in the character rendering map and here is the live stream :

that example is broken and useless