Guys, i dont know what to do anymore.

I have 2x 2070 Super and i installed Unreal. But no matter what i do, it will freeze the whole computer.
What happens is i startup Unreal and then i choose to make simply a blank project. Now after that, (doesnt matter if with or without content or raytracing), it will load to 39%, yes it begins to compile in the background (checked the logs) BUT then after a while it just freezes the whole system.

I tried different drivers, also the studio driver, different energy settings, im not overclocking. Windows is up to date.
Tried also different Unreal versions, even the new 4.25 and the same. Also tried to completely delete and reinstall Unreal.
I have only windows defender (also tried to disable).
Im out of hope, like totally and i need to visualize cause im on a deadline.

Please help, i dont know what to do anymore… but it worked before.

Thank you very much.

Intel 3770K @ 3.5 Ghz
16GB Ram
2x 2070 Super Gigabyte

I fixed it!

Turns out you have to DISABLE SLI, but NOT in the profile for the Unreal exe, BUT GLOBALLY in the nvidia panel under SLI configuration.
After that everything worked beautifully. Even newer engines.

Please guys make the engine so that it will warn you that you have SLI enabled and wont crash, cause this problem was not even in the Log files.

Are you running UE4 from an SSD? Have you ran a diagnostic on the computer to see if anything is wrong?

Did you give UE4 time to load, like having it load overnight just to see if it completes?

if i was on your feets, i will remove one of the video cards to test if ue4 still freezes, if it freezes there will be some issue with your drivers and if it works, maybe the two video are messing with the ue4.

i know this is kind a boring stuff to do, but if you can, give it a try, to see what happens.

It’s just the SLI setting, UE4 doesn’t support it, so it needs to be turned off to run UE4.