Gutted that UE5 will never support Lumen with VR

It looks like Lumen will only be for ‘pancake’ 2D games as (IIRC) Lumen dosen’t work with OpenXR.

I guess I’m stuck with UE4 without Nanite if I want to make a VR game.

You can’t have it all I guess.

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Yeah, I’m disappointed with that too; I’m evaluating RTXGI as an alternative, but there’s more to manage in using it, making procedural environments more complicated to orchestrate.

As for Nanite, I don’t see a viable replacement, but I don’t see anything fundamentally blocking its use in VR at an algorithmic level from the papers- just GPU memory bandwidth constraints. Maybe it’ll become an option in the future? Maybe Turing Mesh Shaders could be substituted? We’d need an engine plugin to support them, I think.

Yeah. Nanite already supports multiview rendering (how it draws to all virtual shadow maps in a single pass). From the livestream, they said they just need to “do the plumbing” on VR & splitscreen:

I’m curious if the recent release into Preview, if maybe there’s any indication in the codebase or recent publishings indicating a change of heart by the development team.

Has anyone heard of anything new, or seen relevant changes in the source?