Guoping models (actors)

Hi! I’m newin UE4, so I have a really basic question. Can I group some models (for example a room) to get one xyz position of the group. Want I want to do is making move all actors at the same time with C++ script. Coding is not the hardest things here. What I really want to know is if I can get one position of all objects I want and change it. (For example, when I change the group x by 1, x of all actors from the group will be changed by 1) Thanks in advance!

Could please anyone help me?

Can’t anyone answer me?

In World Outliner place your models inside a folder under a central mesh, which you move.
That’ll link them in code. You can also use the Merge-Actors feature to forge a single mesh.
Otherwise if you just use normal grouping (ctrl+g) they will all stay separate code-wise…