Gun Sight Aligner

Hi, how are you doing,
I like the asset alot, only thing is I cant find docs, where do I look, Is there still a discord server going?

Hey, yes, there’s a Discord server and a video. I’ve just sent you a private message!

Thank you!

Updated to v2.1.0

Change log:

  • Added more 2 projects, one with an Arms-Only character and one with a Full-Body character. These 2 projects use 2 virtual bones, instead of 3, on the character’s skeleton and have a slightly simplified code for calculating gun sight positions - CalcHandTransforms function replaces the old CalcSightsTransforms

  • Interpolations done in the anim BP’s event graph were replaced by interpolations done natively inside the anim graph’s nodes, simplifying the anim BP’s code

  • Changed the transform space for recoil and walk-while-aiming sway in the anim graph nodes, so they now happen in the player’s view space instead of the hand’s or sight’s space

  • For code simplication, the node that spawns the gun doesn’t use a gun class var anymore

  • Updates in several comment boxes

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Thank you very much, that would be of real help, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around it but with poor results until now

Updated to v2.1.0b

Change log:

  • Quick fix of some wrong instructions in the black comment boxes in the anim graphs about adding the virtual bones to a new skeleton

Hello, Can I get some help integrating GSA into my current project? Its main base uses Classic Shooter (Asset on the marketplace) I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get it to work with my current setup.

Hey, yeah, please tell me what’s giving you trouble…

I’m trying to get it to work with the default iron sights already modeled on the gun model. I’ve already put the sockets on the mesh but I’m stuck on trying to get the BP setup on my player character BP I really don’t understand what part of the GSA BP’s I’m supposed to copy to it.

The parts in green, place them where it’s indicated on the comments. Example: place the Aim code in the Aim event of your project, the AddGun code in the part of your code that adds a gun to your character’s right hand, and so on…

Hello, I’ve noticed that when im using an animation to Aim / Shoot the gun slowly drifts to the left and right when moving up and down :frowning: Any idea how i can fix this? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello! The system was made so that hands follow the head up and down without the drifting typical of AimOffsets. So I have to ask, are you by any chance using an AimOffset? (Because the system doesn’t need it)

The system was made so you also don’t need an ‘aiming’ or a ‘shooting while aiming’ animation. It runs over your normal idle and hipfire anims and then procedurally makes you aim and shoot while aiming…

But still, to my knowledge, even if you use these anims, nothing should drift as long as you don’t alter the IK code or the virtual bones in the skeleton…


I try to use your asset with a modular character. I want to use the Full Body Project 1. It works so far from the tpp view but if I try to move the camera up and down then it’s very laggy or just drop the frames only in fpp view. Do you have any idea why? I’m using an anim bp for the arms which copy the pose from the master component (the normal mesh from the character) which is important for me because I want to add my own code to the arms only on the top from the base animation and for the other parts I’m not using any anim bp they just follow the skeleton from the parent component . Here some screenshots from my setup.


One thing that can give you apparent camera rotation problems is the character rotation settings. Please check if your character’s settings match these pics:

Another probable source of problems in your case is the fact that your arms are a separate mesh from the body and you’re trying to use the GSA full-body character. The GSA full-body character has the camera attached to the head bone in the same mesh of the arms (this is how it knows where the camera is on order to align the sights with it) and it also bends the spine/neck bones in the same mesh of the arms when you look up and down. For things to work properly in your case, you would need to make sure that the code still knows where the camera is and also in which mesh to rotate the spine bones when you look up and down.

Hey I’m trying to implement the First person 1 project to my game, all variables passing ok but when I’m aiming nothing happens not even the gun is in a wiered position just nothing happens.
The sight location and rotation and also the relative hand position and rotation all have correct values

I tried to set a normal bone in the transform modify node that transforms the VB_Sight and it works normal but as soon as i put the VB_Sight in there nothing moves

If you’re not using the provided skeleton, check the hierarchy of the virtual bones in your skeleton. VB sight must be the parent bone of VB hand_r. If it already is, then I guess your code for the IK is broken… VB sight and the other VB bones can’t move the mesh by their own, the mesh only moves if they’re used to move other bones in the hierarchy. In our case this is done in the TwoBoneIk nodes, which use VB bones as targets for the actual hand bones.

I discovered that the GSA actually working, but only the other player can see it but not the own, very strange but I just have to reverse the logic…

It might be easier to first bring your character and gun meshes to the original GSA project and have them working in there. This way you’re sure that you placed the sockets and virtual bones correctly because you’re not messing with code at this stage. Then you can bring the GSA code to your project and, if anything stops working, you know something got broken in the code integration process.