Gun scale is way off

Hey so I don’t know where to put this but I made a gun in blender and exported it at 1.00 but in UE4 the gun is huge even though the gun is small in blender. Please help?

In UE4 1.00 means one centimeter. In Blender 1.00 means one meter.

If your gun is a static mesh that might be issue. You just need to set the correct scale. if your gun has a skeletal mesh then it is a bit more complicated.

this might help… Ultimate Guide for Going from Blender 2.8 to Unreal engine 4 - YouTube

Lol … saying it again… get my plugin.

Import the base mannequin and the scale settings will get adjusted for you.
Export your weapon and the settings are pre set for you ad well.

First time I’ve seen your plugin.
Looks useful, except my skills in Blender are quite poor.