Gun alignement change when firing crouched

Hi, i’m having trouble with my firing animation while idle crouched and walking crouched.
On the same crouching state, when my character is idle or moving the aimoffset and alignement of the gun is perfect
When I InputActionFire, (2nd picture) the gun alignement changes position, and even more when crouchwalking it goes more down.

Just added this for the firing animation.

Without the aimoffset and the FABRIK used for IK left hand it changes nothing.

Any clues ?

Probably, order of operations.

If you put aim offsets after other stuff, then they tend to modify things weirdly.
most often in crouching states, because the AO is based on a standing stance.

also, Perhaps you just need to make an appropriate AO for aiming while crouched.

As far as OoP goes, consider that it took me a day of poking around to find out what was causing the head to turn like the exorcist while looking around in a crouched state. All it came down to was the order of operations in the animBP.

Also, in your case the way you are applying the AO makes absolutely 0 sense.
you are blending the montage always into the base pose (alpha of 1), and then adding the AO.
Remove the blend altogether. The montage slot should just be set up correctly instead of using a default group.

And again, the AO should be the first thing to happen, even before the pose is cached maybe. Depends on what else you need the pose for.