Guidline for placing the pivot point in assets I create using Blender


I’m looking for guidelines about the creation of assets in a third party program. I use Blender. For example, as I build a rifle, I must stick to a few guidelines I found so far:

  • the rifle handle is to be zeroed in-world
  • the scale needs to be right before import
  • the rifle’s barrel must face a certain direction
  • exporting to .obj needs to make sure, for instance, “x is forward, z is up”

Now, I import the mesh in Unreal. From there I can create a pawn and this pawn welcomes my static (or skeletal) mesh;

I have no pro experience, just creating “vertical slices” to learn and come up with an “idea that made it through the process”.

How is this “pivot point”, “origin”, “socket alignment”, etc. handled in the real world? As a pro, how does one “unify” the orientation/rotation/etc. of assets found (or made for?) the asset store? Until what step can we set these parameters?

Guidlines / tutorial video about the topic very welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading,