Grooms Don't Respond to Physics Asset Anymore

So I created the hair for days product on the marketplace and I recently noticed grooms don’t respond immediately to the physics asset. I’m not sure if this was from a recent update or…???

So in PIE you can move the physics asset bodies around and watch the groom respond accordingly but the second you hit simulate OR you render a cinematic, the groom returns to a state as if there is no physics asset at all. I’ve run many tests and it always does the same.

Can anyone else confirm this is the case for 4.26.2 and 5.0 currently?

Ok so a little more information in case any one else runs into this issue… So I recompiled v. 4.26.0 because I created my demo map for the hair for days product using this version and specifically remember taking time to configure the physics assets to show that the hair would not clip through animations when you setup the physics asset properly.

Simulation on the hair against the physics asset does work in this version immediately, without much configuration (although it still doesn’t render properly on idle animations for cinematics). Then I went back and tested some other versions like 4.26.2 and 4.27 etc and noticed if you make many adjustments its possible to get the simulation to respond to the physics asset, although its not instant and it seems to require character moment. It doesn’t seem to work with idles etc.

If you are creating cinematics like I am, and you want to capture hair using an idle, or very little movement in the animation WITHOUT it clipping through the body, the best workaround I’ve come up with is to include the Groom in sequencer, just have it float onto the head using a transform and do a pre-roll on your frames for other animations. This way, as the groom moves it automatically begins to respond to the physics asset and comes out as expected in renders…

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