Greetings Unreal Engine 4 community!


Just wanted to introduce myself to the community, I’ve been using UE4 on and off since it came out, but recently I decided to integrate myself fully to the forums and the overall community. I’ve been using Unity/C# for a couple of years now and I’ve made a couple of projects there, the most important one being Project Frequency, which is an open world survival horror game, which is quite the depart from your regular saturated zombie survival games, just to keep it short, it’s basically an old school silent hill game with open world elements. It started off as a simple project to learn programming and when I exposed it to the interwebs it exploded, I released a pre-alpha version and people have been going nuts over it, pewdiepie played it plus tons of other youtubers. Now I took the risk of abandoning everything and re-making the game on UE4 with C++, just because I couldn’t resist the price, the renderer and everything else overall. The features of this engine blow everything else out of the water, I love it!

Here’s some footage of the pre-alpha version, it’s a different mode from the actual open world game mode, kinda like COD zombies:

Can’t wait to get deep in development and interact with all the cool people here, the community here is so **** helpful and different from other game engines, keep it up!

  • BioXide

Project Frequency looks seriously rad, man!

Welcome to the Unreal Engine 4 development community! I hope you enjoy it. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to either ask here, on the Answerhub or you could email me

I run (Shameless self-promo) which is a site where I write free full books to help people learn to do cool stuff with Unreal Engine 4 (And learn game development in general from start to finish!).

I’m currently at work on a huge book about getting used to Unreal Engine (Exploring all the different tools .etc) while creating a 3D point and click adventure game ala Telltale games’ Games.

If you’d like a topic covered or you’d like me to privately help, email me [EMAIL=“”]HERE and I’ll help any way I can.

I really like your project and I hope to see it running in UE4 real soon! :wink:

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

I love the design of your website and I believe I’ve read your #1 book before while searching for BP tutorials, great resources, looking forward to reading them soon.

Thanks, I’ve been rapidly learning pure C++ from reading books and watching tutorials, learning the UE4 API has been a daunting task also, playing with blueprints has helped me but I refuse to use them for anything serious, I love my text editor lol.

Hey BioXide, welcome to the UE4 community! =) Project Frequency looks very interesting, gonna be cool seeing how you bring it to life using the unreal engine 4.

Thanks for the kind words! I’m hoping to start writing books on C++ soon but breaking down the UE4 API not only for C++ developers but for newbies to code as well will be fun task to try and achieve!

Welcome BioXide! Project Frequency looks pretty awesome. I’m actually downloading the demo now. :wink: Once you’re at a point where you have enough to show off the UE4 version, do not hesitate to show us by posting your progress in the Work In Progress section. I love seeing what people are creating and I am definitely keeping my eye out for this one. I would like to wish you good luck with your transition over to UE4 and I look forward to seeing more. :slight_smile:

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Looks awesome! Make sure to post your progress into the WIP section of the forum :wink:


Looks good man :slight_smile:

Thank you all! Such warming messages, I’ll be sure to post in the WIP once I have something interesting to show, it will be rather slow since I’ll be building the game with networking included from the start, and the C++ networking documentation is rather scarce at the moment :frowning: