Green Materials after Lightbake

Hello, this Problem is driving me crazy with my current Project. I develope for Oculus Go and I set all light to Static. I use no dynamic lights and bake everything. Now since recently I have the Problem that after I bake light i get some green materials and some white materials. In the Sceenshots you see the green artifacts on the fasade…and on the other image how it should look like. Also inside the building there is some materials pure white after bake (the doors).
This is driving me crazy because sometime the bake is good. Than when I bake again later its broken again. I when I change the intensity of some lights and bake again it works again. This happens at all quality settings…with preview as well as high setting.

Any Idea what that could cause? I already read that Substance Plugin can cause such artifacts. But I replaced the Substance materials already with only textures.