Great video tutorials in documentation are buried to not ever be found :(


by a sheer luck, I’ve stumbled upon a set of amazing video tutorials I had no idea existed - these:

Few of them are the best UE4 tutorials I’ve seen to date. They are quite fast paced, fluid and entertaining to watch. I am really confused about why the documentation is so bad that it’s impossible to actually find this page. Even after half an hour, I was unable to find any combination of links that would get me to this page, bot from new and old docs landing page. The search feature in the docs did not do a good job either.

It’s a real shame, because it seems that lots of very good knowledge is buried in a really poor documentation system, which makes it borderline impossible for user to find where he currently is in the docs and what’s the route to the page he needs to get to.

I literally almost always fail to navigate to the page I need, and built in search only rarely works too. I mean look at this: Search - Unreal Engine

None of the first 3 **pages **of the search results when searching specifically for “video tutorials” can bring me to a page clearly labeled as Video Tutorials here:

Why that’s happening is not really a mystery either :wink:
I just have no idea how to get to that page from anywhere else than finding it randomly in one of the google search results. On the landing page, I can click “Samples and Tutorials” link which brings me to the page from which I can’t find that Video Tutorials page either: Samples and Tutorials for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

To conclude, it’s really sad and quite a shame that the best tutorials for UE4 I’ve seen to date are hidden so well almost no one can find them :frowning:

Hey, thank you for the kind words about those video tutorials.

You’ll find all of those series, plus many more, on the UnrealEngine channel on Youtube:

As you’ve probably seen, we’ve started a new video learning site at, where you’ll see us post newer material as time goes on.

I also apologize for the frustration with the search experience in the docs. We’re aware of the problems, and working hard to get things improved.

Hi, thanks for the response.

I’ve noticed new academy site, and it looks promising, but those older tutorials I’ve found are still incredibly valuable and helpful. I’d suggest you migrate them to the new academy site and make them easy to be seen.

Regarding the YouTube, I am afraid that’s not an optimal experience either. I can see that there are some playlists made for some of the series on the channel, but not all of them. For example, I am currently watching this Twin Stick series:…G-8/index.html

On the old docs site, I can browse all the episodes in order, but on YouTube channel, no playlist has been made for this series specifically (…tKit/playlists) , so unless one is accidentally able to find that old page on the, the only way to watch them in order is to manually search for individual pieces of the series through the 1033 videos UnrealEngine YT channel has uploaded thus far.