Grass not receiving shadows properly

I’m new to UE, so sorry if this question is a little dumb.

So I made myself some nice looking grass to use in my game, but for some reason it doesn’t receive shadows properly. Here’s a grassy area that’s fully lit:

No problem here.
Now here’s what it looks like when something casts a shadow onto the grass (the middle area should be in shadow):

Instead of a proper shadow, what I get is only a few pieces of grass being darker than others.

However, if the shaders are being compiled, so I don’t see the grass temporarily, the shadows show up nicely on the default material:

Here are some of my settings for the material and other stuff:

(That constant color on the top left is only used to apply some color correction to the base texture, since I was lazy to change its colors in Photoshop.)

Can someone help me? I can’t figure out why shadows are not being properly cast onto my grass.

PS.: I know my mesh has way too many triangles, but I fixed that since I took this screenshot. Not that this has anything to do with the shadows, but I felt like putting this comment here, before someone points it out to me.

Did you find a solution? My grass (using Grass Tool) doesn’t seem to receive any shadow either (UE 4.18.3)

Have you guys figured it out? I have the same problem, and can not find any answer to this problem. I’d appreciate if anyone helps me.

Is it rendered as instanced foliage, or another way, OP?