Grass Node on landscape with WPO isn't working the way I need, best alternatives?

So I’ve got a function to create world curvature plugged into the landscape’s mat wpo. And it’s making my grass do this. It seems it’s compiling the wpo before the Grass node in the landscape mat.

I either need it not to do this (then the grass would spawn on the landscape as if it didn’t have wpo), so that I could then apply my curvature function to the grass mat’s wpo. Or, I need to figure out the math to get the landscape’s wpo to replicate what it does to the grass (post current function settings), so that I can plug an alternate version of the curvature function into the grass mat’s wpo that inverses the effect and adds the regular curvature function to the inverse. But I’m not sure if that’s possible. OR, I could duplicate the landscape without anything plugged into it’s wpo, and have the grass with the curvature wpo spawned on that one instead, but then i’d need to be able to hide that landscape ingame without hiding the foliage spawned on it, and I would also have to wait to do that until I’m completely done modifying the landscape. If there’s another solution please let me know.