Graphics card upgrade?

I’m running a gtx 460 atm and its pretty much had it. i’m looking good old cards on ebay or budget new cards.
Just cant decide what to replace it with and i cant afford a top of the line one, otherwise i would have just got a r9 270x or something.
thanks in advance.

So how much can you spend?

GTX 460 isn’t bad, are you sure you need to upgrade?

Agreed, are you sure that bottleneck is card, and not CPU or RAM?

Recently the graphics card runs at 60 c while idling, then when i open up a basic unreal project it jumps up to 80 and the fan really kicks in.
it use to run at 40 idling which seems normal. i cleaned the heat sink and reapplied the thermal paste on it and that didnt lower the temperatures.

so im pretty sure its the graphics card and i dont think its a bottle neck with the cpu.

Yeah, seems to be something is up with the gfx. I have a GTX 460 as well and it goes around 70 when the editor runs in real time. Are you by any chance using a beta driver? Beta drivers seem to drive my card crazy so i avoid them.

I have no idea, im looking at afterburner and it says the driver version is 311.06 . assumming that if it was beta it would say it here in brackets.

It isn’t beta i think but it is pretty old. Update to 335.23 and see if it helps at all.

i would go for a 760 4gb, its the best budget card you can get for UE4

Nice try but that didnt fix the cards temperature problem

now to replace the 460 with another one would only cost £40-50 off ebay. but what would be the best card to get for £80 off ebay?