Graphic Novel/Dark Fantasy RPG Cross Over

I am paying for project this out of my own pocket right now. I believe in paying for work so I will not ask anyone to work for free. However, if your involvement is potentially more than can be afforded I will be happy to discuss royalties as an option too.

The player chooses a class as in most RPGs but the story is told via subtle and obscure dialogue. Think absurdity of The Elder Scrolls meets the subtlety of Dark Souls.

It will be a graphic novel style experience with turn based combat. Turn actions are decided via a random slot style system to attack, heal, recover mana, boost defense, etc. You will also have your class specific skills to use regardless of the slot outcome but these consume mana and have cool downs so must be used wisely.

Dark Fantasy atmosphere.
Unique turn based combat system.
Hand painted 2D artwork.
Story driven quests.
Character progression system.
Branching dialogue choice system.

The idea is to create engaging dialogue to tell a collection of stories. The dialogue will be short to keep the story and gameplay moving.
It will be a casual RPG experience that does not require much brain power. It should deliver the sensation of a RPG without being overwhelming or time consuming.

About me:
I have over 6 year experience working with Unreal. I am a Lead Unreal Technical Artist during my day job, working on AAA games and VR projects. This is my part time project and it is getting to the point where I need some help to polish up a sample demo level to get some more interest, conducts some tests and feedback sessions, and potential funding.

Talent Required:
2D Artist (1)
Characters designs
Environment backdrops/backgrounds
Icon design

Game Designer (1)
Design classes and skills
Design slot based mini games

UI/UX Desiner (1)
UI layout design

Please send to my Unreal inbox.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
If you are interested I can send a quick sample video of the gameplay with test assets to get the point accross. I do not want to post it here as it currently only uses images ripped off the internet.


Really in need of a UI Designer and a Game Designer.

2D artists should still feel free to contact me though.

Fiverr is your friend. Fiverr / Search Results for '2d sprite' Fiverr / Search Results for 'game design'

Still looking for a potential game designer to help with character classes and a UI designer.