Graphic flickering bug

I am having a really strange graphic bug when copying my project to my laptop. Please watch the video in the attachment or to see what i mean. Please help me :frowning:

Check if you have painted onto the entire landscape (so that there are no dark landscape components anymore) -> got nearly the same effect in my map

-Where/when exactly do you get this flickering? :slight_smile:
-what do you have in your scene
-which version do you use

Hi Cotecerino,

Something like this is best to be posted on the AnswerHub where our support staff can look into it.

Once you have posted can you please link that back here as well and I can assign myself to look into this for you.

In the meantime we can start trying to narrow down some things:

Is this happening only in PIE or when you’re just using the editor?
If you go through the scene outliner and start turn visibility off for assets you can try to narrow down if a particular asset is causing the issue. I’ve seen this happen before with tessellation and particle effects.