Grab enemy like in robo recall

Hello, can someone tell me how to grab enemys in vr like in robo recall ? im currently downloading the mod kit to look for myself, but is there a simple way to do it ? i dont rly know if im doing this correctly.

What im actually want to archieve is, make the head bone getting attached to my blade, i dont know if there is an problem with the sekeltal mesh itself or the way im trying to archieve it isnt working, at least not in a simple way.

I’ve made an “on overlap” event that checks if the skeletal mesh does implent an interface, then i call an event inside the enemy actor: set all bodies simulate physics ( new simulate checked ) > attach to component ( target is the enemy skeletal mesh, parent an collission box thats on my weapon actor ) weld simulated bodies is checked, location rule snap to target and rotation / scale is set to “keep world”

It makes the skeletel mesh stick on my weapon on the wrong position, also it isnt simulate any physics. If i try to simulate physic with the “begin play” node and without attach it to anything, to simulation plays correctly.

So if anyone knows whats the problem here, if i rly do need a physics handle or even know a tutorial where i can watch how this kind of stuff is made i would appreciate it.