Grab and resize a video player in VR

Hi everyone!
I’m still a newbie in blueprint but I try and I’m stucked again…

I’ve made a blue print with a videoplayer inside. A plane with a media player material. Two button, one flipflop play/pause and a rewind button:

Now I would like to be able to grab the whole thing with one hand and resize it with two.
I try to use physic handle but every thing is flying in space…

I know the there’s a grabable cube in the VR template, but I don’t want physic. I want the media player to stay where the user put it.

Is there a template for VR UI elements?

Hi VR Marco, thank you for your very detailled answer. My media player is already a blueprint. I want the buttons to resize with the screen.
Here is what I did today:
In my media player BP:

I create a double grap Input:

FInally I did this in the Pawn:

I can’t test in VR this week but I’m sure it’s not the right way. I’d like the Evend to append only when my Media player is overlap by the hands