GPULIGHTMASS for Android packaging

Does it work at all? I cant seem to make it work. I got the CPU lightmaps to work well but anything baked with the gpu just doesnt work. I get the “Lightmass needs to be rebuild” message all the time.

Ok… got some new info on this. Looks like the denoiser is not being applied. If i do a live SLOW MODE gpu rendering and disable DENOISER… It looks like my screenshot. Dots everywhere. So my question would be… could the new denoised maps not being applied or not allowed to over write the CPU denoised maps? Does anyone know where the light maps get saved at? what directory?

No answer, just a stupid question: I tried the GPULightmass once - and was very pleased with the outcome - but I couldn’t find the options to deactivate raytracing afterwards? I only want to use the raytracing for the GPUlightmass calculations. Even after disabling the RT stuff in the PostProcess Volume the performance was really bad - so I assumed RT is active somewhere else.

So if you package a RT project for Android I assume you have to disable raytracing at all, right? Did you manage that? :o
Sorry for bursting in in your topic. :o

Absolutely disable all raytracing. I just use GPUlightmass for its speed to bake lightmaps. I made these changes on Rendering Features:

Ambient occlusion CHECK ON and set to 0. (very important)

Ray Tracing Ambient Occlusion OFF

Ray Tracing Global Illumination OFF

Reflections checked ON and set to Screen Space

these setting gave me speed and pretty **** good quality.

Hello man, with the mobile development they have different preview mode (project setting/ preview mode) may solve your problem.
And u may wanna check supported render flatform for mobile, bc there are too many diffidence between PC render and Mobile. That would save lot of your time ( from my bad experience in Android development)

In case u wanna see my project:

Thanks for your response! I tried to implement your settings and build the project - but somehow still the PC needs a RTX graphics card to run the project smoothly. But it has reduced performance costs for sure :slight_smile: Thanks! There may be a solution to that - or it is simply not possible to use the fancy GPU bake and ignore RT afterwards :rolleyes:

hmmm… yeah i think having a rtx card helps a lot.

Hey pantoth… did you use GPUlightmass on those projects and succeffully got android to run it? Or was cpu lightmass used?

Haha, unfortunately i did use GPU lightmass for Android, project u see built by CPU lightmass for mobile version (Many rendering features are not supported in Moblie version).
From my experience if you wanna build something for ArchiViz like me, u cannt use Android version bc it will drop your quality alot. In stead u can u Pixel Streaming to deliver your project, but too costly for now :smiley:

from my experience… mobile does suffer a little but you can get some decent stuff with it on android. I just wish I could solve the darn GPUlightmass lightmaps not sticking to the export file for android. :frowning:

Yeah I also can’t export GPU light mass.
But I think working with Android will help u deliver our project easier to customer,haha.
I did try pixel streaming but the best solution I got is using Furioos Streaming Service,but cost a lot, customer hard to afford it :D.

If u have better way, plss share with me

yeah… haven’t found any other solution besides having the customers download the APK and install it. Most customers prefer to see it directly on a website with no fuss of installations.

If your wanna try something can access immediately online, you should see this:
We did sell 2 project to our customers by using this. Not high quality but can access very easy :slight_smile: