GPU vs CPU renderfarm


The time has come )))

Our commercial project needs commercial render. The question is GPU or CPU? There are a lot adds and sites about that issue at web, but we interest about “underwater stones”.which can eat a budget fot the same time

Actually, welcome your experience and ideas


  1. Dependence on hardware
    Tool for comparison
    V-Ray Benchmark – Standalone app to test your hardware's performance | Chaos
    here is some characteristics
    V-Ray Benchmark | Chaos Group - there you can switch CPU and GPU
    comparative table by time (R)% 20Xeon (R)% 20CPU% 20E5-2630% 20v4% 20% 40% 202.20GHz% 20x20% 2C% 20Quadro% 20M2000% 204096MB & id = 2383

  2. Dependence on the price of the farm on which the equipment is installed.
    For example, from this list, the price difference for the CPU Online render-farm services. Full list of all remote render farms with prices and descriptions.
    price for GPU GPU render farms

The rest depends on the budget and terms (deadline) of the project