GPU Sprite Emitters Stopped Rendering In-Game

Hi there, got another PS question…for some reason, most of my GPU sprite emitters have stopped rendering in game. Not sure what to look at. They all have critical significance, I tried disabling LOD’s… The rest of the emitters in the particle effects are fine, but the GPU Sprite ones just don’t appear in-game, despite looking OK in cascade’s viewport.

Admittedly I was playing around it editor prefs/project settings a bit shortly beforehand, but I combed back through those a couple times and couldn’t find anything suspicious.

What should I check?


So, this is apparently one of those user error situations that are so common with noobs…I forgot that when I had added the particle systems the first time, I had to scale them up a bunch to be visible. So I just changed initial size in the emitter instead. On top of it, I was trying to put the PS at the center of a large mesh sphere, which was blocking visibility…:rolleyes: Now they are perfectly visible in-game.