GPU particles ?

Are particles processed on GPU on Android / Gear VR ?

Soo, no one knows or is it just Friday?

If i remember correctly, not yet. It should come in 4.12 / Work from Vulkan , which we get “Full GPU particle support, with vector fields”. For more information you can look here . 4.12 will be an exciting release for mobile (assuming you have the hardware for it).

I see. Since S6 and alike won’t support Vulkan most likely, there we will be, with tiny market of S7 yet again :frowning:

Thanks for the info.

Why wouldn’t s6 support vulkan? Doesn’t that contradict the whole raison d’être?

SoC supports it, but Samsung needs to sell S7. Having Vulkan driver on S7, but not on S6, serves as an initiative to drop S6 and upgrade to S7.