GPU Distance Field Collisions on Opaque Particles

Can someone allow scene depth collisions to occur on opaque particles? I need this for schools of fish in a game that’s going to run at 4K. Translucency will not help, and neither will turning the collisions off.

That is not possible. Opaque materials need to draw to the depth buffer to render correctly, and the depth buffer is what is being used for collision, so particles would just keep colliding with themselves. You would need to use a transparent material, or a different collision method.

Maybe this could help you:

But if you use distance fields for collision, shouldn’t the particles be tested against it instead of the depth buffer, allowing for opaque particles to work? At least that was the case before an engine update rendered bugged this method.

Unfortunately, all that says is if I use scene depth collisions it should allow me to use opaque particles regardless, but in my experience it’s still X-ed out with red, saying opaque materials can’t be used, even on distance fields.