Gpu/cpu resource management /scene complexity?

I’m a bit in the dark here having little game writing experience, but for those of you that are in the industry or have some, do you aim for a certain complexity with your code & scenes?

How do I work out cpu & gpu resource management?

I have a 1080 and I want to aim for a vr game with at least a 1060 running it. How would I go about that?

Is there a way to know if a certain scene will stress my cpu or gpu, or is this trial and error/loads of research?


Very limited knowledge here but you can enable profiling tools to help visualize CPU vs GPU load. I know the UE4 documentation has a small section on how to enable those tools as well as some tweaks to offload resources from one to another, or cut down on usage.

ah yeah thats what I need to read up on, thanks