Got Some Assets For Napalm Rush a Mobile Game

A while ago a friend showed an idea for a mobile game.
Input, and control scheme sucked I proposed fixes and
took over these along with the graphics. Early demos were nice.

A two player game, with each player on the other end. Online or offline.

Two bases fire into each other.
Green circles are categories of weapons. for example:
Circle #1 air, #2 land, 3 gunman and 4# special
Below center subsections of a category. Cycle through them with < > arrows.
Between the < item ]> an item is shown, tap to use.
I believe points are needed for fancier weapons.
One weapon flies into the enemies front gate
and gives a fire blast comming out of that gate filling the screen like a waterfall of fire.
Just for the heck of it. :slight_smile:
Here’s the zip | 64MB.
It’s just the gfx no code or sounds.
More gfx inside.

I hope someone will pick it up. I’d be happy to answer your questions and be of
help where I can. Thanks!