GoogleVR/Daydream HMD Name and Tracking Origins?

Couple of questions in this thread. I am curious as to what the HMDDevice Name should be for Google Daydream / GoogleVR as well as what the tracking origins should be set to for the GearVR, Daydream (GoogleVR?), and OSVR?

For the Daydream device name, not sure if this is what you were asking but looking at the source it seems to me that Epic hasn’t implemented the GetDeviceName interface method from IHeadMountedDisplay in the GoogleVRHMD code so it should return “Unknown” (don’t know why they didn’t implement it) I guess to get around this you could always check for “Unknown” then use the GoogleVR function library to see if its Daydream.

As for the tracking Origins GearVR/Daydream have no absolute positional tracking so I would say Eye Level I’m not too familiar with OSVR so I don’t know if they have floor level tracking or not