Google Play Login is correct?


I’m starting to develop games for mobile, Android & iOS. At these time I have the Android Developer Account ready and I’ve uploaded a closed channel version. Google Play Games are integrated and every time I open the APP the login windows come up, it don’t show me my user and nothing, only opens google play window, a round loading circle and then it closes. Every time I open my app. Now I’m working on show only the login window if the user is not logged in and I added Is Logged In function. Is this correct? Because when I play on PC it says “Hey ya”, a printed string I use to test. Well, I attach the BP and tell me if I’m doing something wrong, and if the gamemode BP is the best place to place the login because I want the user play the game using Google Play Services or Game Center. It’s simple BP but I want to know if I’m doing well the job.

And I want to know why is not asking me the player I may use (the google account, mail) and why I don’t see the default notification of I’m using google play services (In all games I play it shows, attached ss). Thanks!