Google Maps

Hi is it possible to create a widget that can display Google Maps ? We need it for a game that we are designing. Any suggestions/pointers will be very helpful.


Do you need an interactive map or static image based map?

The usual map which you can pinch scale and pan. Need to access the functionality of google maps.

My best suggestion would be to use one of the several HTML5 based UI solutions. That way, you can load google literally in your in-game browser.

I’ve used CoherentUI to fool around with web pages before in-engine. It’s pretty effective. Do note it doesn’t ship to mobile or HTML5 (lol) yet.

Wuvluv, well, I need this for Mobile :frowning: So CoherentUI or anything based on HTML is not an option. Anyways the project in question has been shifted to the Corona SDK which does this with a few lines of code. Our 3D game on the stays with UE4 obviously.

Do you need the whole globe or just an area?