Google analytics config

I want to setup google analytics for my mobile game, though there is very little on how to set it up or if its even possible.

I see there is the analytics blueprint library which will handle sending events and stats but i dont know how to connect that to google analytics.

How do i connect google analytics to my UE4 mobile game?

My project is nearing completion and analytics and ads are the main things I have not been able to implement, i think this area of the engine needs a little more love before indie developers will be able to properly use Unreal to ship a profitable game.

I too would be interested in this, I’ve just started fiddling around with Flurry but realise it only supports IOS and would like to gather analytics on both IOS and Android. Any input on this would be great!

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There is not a plugin for Google Analytics right now. Your best option is to use the Flurry plugin for iOS. That one is free too.

I was really looking for a cross platform solution (IOS and Android) It looked like it might be possible to setup with the multicast provider as long as it was configured properly (though i could easily be wrong).

One of the steps i got stuck on is adding new plist data -Additional plist data - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums

Is there a Google Analytics BP or plugin on the roadmap?

It’s on my list to do one, but I have no idea when that day will come. Certainly not anytime soon

I’ve just released Google Analytics plugin so you can use this: Google Analytics Provider Plugin - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

This looks nice, i will definitely check it out!