Good tools for sketching a top-down plan for an environment?

Hi all,

I did a bunch of modding and mapping for UT3 a few years ago, and now I’ve decided to check out UE4. :slight_smile:

I’m working on a map for a game, but before I start dropping things into the editor, I’d like to draw out a top-down view of what I want the environment to look like. Of course I could use pen and paper for this, but I’m planning to make a fairly large environment and I’ll want to move things around. Can you guys recommend any software that is well suited for this? Or maybe MS Paint is my best option? :smiley:


Scatchbook pro or photoshop

The best tool for the job in my case is 3ds Max.

It’s a sketch book that you can draw out your environment in 3 dimension easier than you could using Photoshop, if you know the tools, and then drop it into UE4, change it’s surface parameter to collision, and try out different combinations through iteration.

So the question is what tools can someone use as part of the iteration process to eliminate an unnecessary step?