Good reference for game logic techniques? even if engine agnostic

I’m trawling through youtube videos, UE4 books, online courses (UDEMY etc)

I was wondering if there was a good resource of simple game logic solutions, even if engine agnostic

I am using blueprints, & trying to learn what all the various nodes are for, and how to implement them.

I’m brute-forcing the lessons, and its all beginning to sink in (never was a good coder, but I can understand logic)

Any ideas? Even if really old & using different languages, if It helps :slight_smile:


Hi there, If you have not tried the Udemy course by Chris Murphy I recommend it. I have been using UE4 for about a year and did a lot of youtube learning which helped to a point. But this udemy course helped me grasp everything much more. There is a lot of content in the course and it is specifically Geared (couldn’t resist the pun) toward blueprint design. The lectures cover a wide range of subjects and the community is helpful, with Chris answering questions.