Good Quality while I play in Editor but Very Low quality in exe.

Hello Everyone

I am using UE 4.14.3 and facing a strange problem.
When I Play my game in Editor I get really good quality which includes AO and Other Post processing features.
When I package the game I get very low quality where I lose all the effects which I have achieved while playing in editor. Entire Scene Looks Flat.

First Image captured in Editorf3a52880b2204395bfdb6effed8a463ae6a3d724.jpeg

Second Image is captured from packaged EXE file. 6dbbc8a3165a56bc36a2ce26d4bdea5d77202370.jpeg

Have tried a lot of different settings.
-‘Scalability Settings’ are set to ‘Cinematic’.
-‘Screen Percentage’ is set to 200.
-Post process Volume is set to unbound
-Using BP_LightStudio for the Light setup

I am using a GTX 1080 and the experience is to be deployed on HTC Vive.

It could be a Texture Streaming related problem. Check if this solution works for you as well: